How does a washed Geisha taste at its best? - May we be a little cocky and say that it tastes like the coffee in this bag! Here is precisely the elegant and complex light character that has made the Geisha bean the most exclusive of all the coffee varieties. The Chilito family runs the farm El Roble in Huila and has full control of their coffee all the way to export, when the coffee is finally packed in vacuum bags, which are not broken until the coffee is roasted with us. All this accuracy makes sure that the delicate flavors of the coffee come to its full right.


Location: Huila, Colombia 

Farm: Finca El Roble 

Type: Geisha 

Altitude: 1750 meters

Cultivation: Skugga 

Processing: Washed

Drying: Sun

Harvest period: August 2018 

Size: 3600 Geisha trees

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