Johan visited Suke Quto in 2012 and met the owner Tesfaye Bekele, and has worked with the farm Suke Quto ever since. Tesfaye himself is an agronomist, economist and self-taught coffee expert. And a truly great person in all respects.


Suke Quto Farm extends across the highlands and valleys of Odo Shakisso woreda in Guji, Ethiopia. The volcanic soil found here is very fertile and is full of nutrients and has a soil depth of at least two meters. Tesfaye keeps the soil fertile through organic recycling; deciduous leaves and branches from shrubs and trees and root debris from the coffee trees enrich the soil. All coffee grows under shade from, among other things, the fake banana (a very common plant in Ethiopia).


Tesfaye works with 300 growers who deliver coffee cherries to Suke Quto washing & drying station. The coffee is supplied by exclusively organic family farms and a handful of larger plantations in the Guji region, Yirgacheffe.


Two local varieties are mainly cultivated here, which creates a juicy, complex, flavorful and sweet coffee with the character of tropical fruit and peach.


The coffee is Organically Certified (SE-EKO-04)


Location: Oromia, Guji, Ethiopia

Quality: Grade 1 

Type: Heirloom

Altitude: 1800-2130 meters

Cultivation: Organic family farming

Processing: Washed

Drying: Sun on raised beds

Families: 300

Responsible: Tesfaye Bekele

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