We are Gringo Nordic, a curious little coffee roasting company in Gothenburg, Sweden. Established May 2018. We are committed to great coffee and our customers. 


We source 100 % fully transparent speciality coffees from single farms, estates and cooperatives. A lot of the coffees come from organically certified farms. But a lot of the coffee comes from much smaller plantations, where a certification would not be economically possible. But we support them anyway, there is often a lot of good intentions behind each farmer, especially the ones that work with quality. They do not want to act stupid on the planet, and generally avoid the high costs of fertilizers to any cost.


The first thing to say about speciality coffee is that it’s coffee. It’s picked, fermented, dried, peeled, sorted, milled, shipped, roasted and brewed in a myriad of ways, and finally drunk with or without pastries or food. It is also coffee made by artisans with a minimum of defects, coffees that are produced the way they should. With a grade over 84 points, set by coffee-experts. Clean and sweet coffees. Good honest coffees.


We slow roast our coffee in small batches on the most energy efficient roasting machine on the planet, using air roasting technology.  We adapt each roasting to each unique coffee, so that there is a balance between sweetness, acidity and fullness, then we think the coffee usually tastes the best. We focus on drink-friendly pleasurable coffees. 


We genuinely love coffee - we’ll make sure you never doubt it.


Johan Ekfeldt

My love for coffee started early and for many years I was a dedicated home-roaster; dark-roasting those beans in many different ovens in second-hand apartments and campuses. My eagerness to learn more about coffee got me a job at an industrial coffee roaster. After 6 years of selling, roasting and marketing mostly industrial coffee, I 2004 co-founded Johan & Nyström. We were Sweden’s first speciality coffee roaster and the experience was a 10 year rollercoaster ride. After selling the company and 4 years in the wilderness, I am back where I belong. 
I have truly missed roasting coffee. I love turning on the roasting machine in the morning, smelling the coffee all day long och work directly with the farmers. It has been a journey getting back to the first love of coffee, and I am thankful that I am in many ways back where I started, a true love for coffee and the industry with all the passionate people.


Pernilla Ekfeldt

You might say that I got married into coffee. But you might also say that I have grown up with ”kokkaffe”, a specialty in northern Sweden; a coffee that is lightly roasted and gently brewed. I like spreading knowledge about specialty coffee and showing how nice a nice cup of coffee can really taste when all the different flavors of the coffee come shining through. And to know that this coffee is bought in a way so the farmer can make a living out of it. Sustainability is both social and economic to me. I especially love meeting all the friendly people that are involved in coffee - coffee farmers, baristas, shop owners and those, just like me, who simply love a good cup of coffee!
At Gringo, I arrange cuppings, coffee courses, meet guests in the roastery shop and make myself useful everywhere where I am needed.

Magnus Alfjärd

With his background as a chef, Magnus has a big love for food & drinks, which he combines with a passion for exercising - yes he might not look like an athlete, but throw him in the ocean and he is fast as a shark. After some time out in the wilderness, he is now back where he belongs, among great coffee and coffee loving customers. If you are opening a restaurant or new coffee shop and are looking for guidance when it comes to the concept, machinery and coffee selection, Magnus is the guy to talk to. He loves solving problems and is the best coffee guide you can find (he will set you up with the right kind of coffee in no time).

+46 702 10 91 78


Elias Thomsen

Coffee has been a big part of my life, ever since my mother started a café in Järna 10 years ago. Before I ended up at Gringo, I worked as a chef and waiter, so just like the rest of the gang here at Gringo, natural wines, good food and coffee are some of my obvious interests.
I moved to Gothenburg in May 2020 and a few months later I started working at Gringo. Here I do like the rest of the gang and roast, pack and deliver coffee, plus everything else that happens here during the days.

070-774 57 75

William Enström

When I started working at Gringo, I did not drink coffee, but now I love this noble beverage as much as the other bunch (well almost as much at least).


At Gringo, I make sure that our customers get nice bags, I label, pack and handle most of the internal logistics.

Petter Ekfeldt

It is no exaggeration to say that I was born straight into the world of coffee; my upbringing has in every conceivable way revolved around coffee. Several of my great interests - for example traveling and meeting new people - I can do in the exciting world of specialty coffee and here I want to learn as much as possible.


During my years in high school, I worked as a barista at Da Matteo, here in Gothenburg and now I am one of the others in the gang here at Gringo.


At Gringo, I do most things, pack orders, take care of customers in our store, hold barista trainings, roast coffee, work with the website and much more.




Welcome to our roastery shop!
The shop is open Monday - Friday 8.30-16.00 and the following Saturdays: 11/9, 25/9, 30/10, 27/11,  27/11, 4/12, 11/12, and 18/12. Here you will find our full
assortment of coffee, tea and accessories to buy for home! On Fridays we always brew some of our freshest coffees for you to try. On open Saturdays we open the Roastery for some Swedish Fika.