Simone Teresinha de Sousa grew up on the farm Água Nascente, located in the southern part of the Minas Gerai region, where her parents grew coffee and bananas. When her father died, Simone took over the operation of the 10-hectare farm together with her mother and has since - with a great desire to experiment - focused on producing exciting micro lots. For this coffee, Simone has picked exclusively the Yellow Catuai variety and then fermented the coffee for 72 hours, inside a rolled-up plastic cloth. The berries are then placed in a static dryer where fans push hot air through the bed of coffee. Finally, the berries are placed in a mechanical dryer where the coffee slowly goes down to 12% moisture.


In the character we find tones of cherries, chocolate & cointreau.


Country: Brazil
Region: Mantiqueira de Minas
Farm: Água Nascente
Producer: Simone Teresinha de Sousa

Variety / Tree type: Yellow Catuai
Elevation: 1120 - 1250 meters
Size: 10 hectares
Drying: Anaerobic Natural

Brazil Agua Nascientes - Micro Lot

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