Brasilien Fortaleza Bobolink

Brasilien Fortaleza Bobolink




The Croce family are old friends of ours and Johan has visited their farm many times. Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza has been owned by the family for generations and in recent years, through Silviaa and Marco Croce, it has been transformed into an organic model farm.


This particular coffee comes from some of the smaller coffee farmers who grow coffee - according to organi principles - around the main farm FAF. Together with the collaborating coffee producers, they have created green corridors for wildlife and preserved the natural water sources. Through the Bobolink project, a natural cycle and a richer fauna have been created. In addition to the sustainability aspect, the farmers get paid better for their coffee.


In the character, the coffee has a classic Brazilian tone, lots of nuts, dried fruit, chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.


Country: Brazil
Region: Mococa, Igaraí District
Farm: Fazenda Bela Vista, Fazenda Morro Azul
Producer: João Cecimiro Marques Dos, Flavio and Maria Lucia
Elevation: 1100 - 1300 meters
Size: 24 hectares
Drying: Natural

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