Burundi Gisha Gatare  Natural - Micro Lot

Burundi Gisha Gatare Natural - Micro Lot



The area of Gisha, from which the station takes its name, was named by King Bigayimpunzi and is considered the headquarters of Tangara commune’s jurisdiction.

King Bigayimpunzi, who founded the Democratic and Rural Party in 1961, once lived in a beautiful palace on a nearby hill. Since then, the palace has been used as the home of highly ranked dignitaries who oversaw administration in the region. The house has also played host to the commissaries who ruled over the communes of Kiremba, Tangara and Gashikanwa.

Located in Tangara commune, Gisha station sits near the Nyamuswaga river that is infamous for its depth and breadth. According to legend, the paramilitary personnel who drowned while undergoing training in the river were killed by wildlife in the river. Despite the vicious reputation, the abundance of a local fish called Claria in the river is a major draw for fishermen throughout the region.

This lot is named Gatare after the hill on which smallholders farmed the cherry for this lot. This hill is located in Gashikanwa commune in Ngozi province

Gisha Gatare har en stor fyllig kropp som spritter av tropiska frukter som mango, litchi och papaya. Ett oemotståndligt kaffe från Burundi helt enkelt.

Country: Burundi - Gisha Washing Station

Region: Tangara - Ngozi

Variety: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural

Height: 1600+ meters

Number of farmers: 730

Average number of trees per farmer: 250

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