CANDID GOAT Drinking chocolate 650 grams

CANDID GOAT Drinking chocolate 650 grams

CANDID Drink Chocolate is an incredibly good and elegant special cocoa that is produced sustainably, in biodiversity and fully traceable. In many ways, CANDID works like us at Gringo, with a focus on high quality, ethical trade chain and good taste.

The base of CANDID is cocoa from Barlovento, Venezuela's central region, near Caracas.

To the taste, it has a clearly soft character, very well balanced between cocoa, sweetness and fruitiness.


• Venezuelan cocoa powder (57%)

• Coconut palm sugar

• Cordyseps

• Sunflower lecithin

• Sea salt


- 13-15 g cocoa, a splash of hot or cold water, 200 ml (hot or cold) milk or herbal drink.

- Mix cocoa and water so that there are no lumps. Then add the milk and enjoy!

If you make the chocolate with an espresso machine, you can omit the water, then mix the powder with cold milk and steam the chocolate with an espresso machine. Stir an extra time so that no powder has stuck to the bottom.

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    - 650 grams of chocolate powder

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