Colombia Villa Betulia Honey - Micro Lot

Colombia Villa Betulia Honey - Micro Lot


On the 20-hectare farm Villa Betulia - from which we have bought coffee and visited several times - Luis Calderon grows a variety of coffee varieties, of which Pink Bourbon is one of them. The variety is a hybrid of red and yellow bourbon and stands out in every way - from the striking pink color of the ripe coffee berries, to the sweetly complex taste of the beans. Tests have shown that Pink Bourbon has a higher glucose content than many other varieties. The high content of glucose - a type of sugar - means not only a sweeter cup but also a silky body and a more complex mouthfeel.

On this micro lot, Luis has allowed the coffee to slowly dry in its own sugar, in order to highlight the soft peach tones in the coffee.

Country: Colombia

Region: La Primavera, Acevedo - Huila

Producer: Luis Calderon

Process method: Honey
Elevation: 1550-1600 meters

Harvest: December 2021

Lot size: 196 kilos

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