Colombia Pink Bourbon

Colombia Pink Bourbon



This is the third time we have bought the Quisaboni brothers washed Pink Bourbon, we love this coffee.

The Quisaboni brothers share two neighboring farms - El Progreso - in the Huila region where they grow this pink bourbon, among other things. These are real family farms, where all the work around the coffee takes place within the family. Their Pink Bourbon, which is always produced as a microlotter, is a standing favorite with us and we try to buy it at every new harvest. Tests have shown that Pink Bourbon has a higher glucose content than many other varieties. The high content of glucose - a type of sugar - gives not only a sweeter coffee but also a silky body and a more complex mouthfeel.



Pink Bourbon is a fantastic variety and in this lot we find nice tones of green apple, sweet lingonberry, raspberry, citrus peel, sweet chocolate and delicious tea


Location: Huila, Colombia

Quality: SHB

Type: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1700 meters

Cultivation: Shade & Sun.

Processing: Washed

Drying: Sun.

Harvest period: Dec 2020

Producer: Finca El Progreso

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