Rwanda Nyamurinda

Rwanda Nyamurinda

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We have bought coffee from the Sisters Francine & Immaculate ever since we started Gringo and we love both their coffee and the driving force behind it. They run a farm & processing station in western Rwanda that is really well maintained.


The sisters actively support female family growers in the region and have also ensured that all important positions at the washing station are held by women. The coffee is not organically certified, but all coffee is grown naturally and neither artificial fertilizers nor pesticides are used, so by definition we dare say that this is an organically grown coffee.


Rwanda Nyamurinda is apricot-fruity, creamy and mildly balanced.


Location: Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Quality: Specialty Grade - 86+

Type: Red bourbon

Height: 1800 meters

Cultivation: Family farming

Processing: Washed

Drying: Shade for 4 weeks

Harvest period: May-June

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