Rwanda Nyamurinda Natural

Rwanda Nyamurinda Natural



We've been buying coffee from Sisters Francine & Immaculate Nyiramana ever since we started Gringo and they have become really good friends; we trust them 100%, they are extremely honest and do everything to make their coffee taste just as good as it does. Therefore, it felt safe to ask them to make a micro lot for us, where the coffee is allowed to dry in its own pulp. This is a challenge in Rwanda, due to the high humidity, but we are more than happy with how the coffee turned out.


The result is a soft, full-bodied and sweet coffee with hints of plums, ripe currants and caramel.


The coffee is not organically certified, but all coffee is grown and neither artificial fertilizers nor pesticides are used, so by definition we dare to say that this is an organically grown coffee.


Location: Nyamasheke, Rwanda

Quality: Specialty Grade - 86+

Type: Red Bourbon

Elevation: 1800 meters

Cultivation: Family farming Processing: Natural

Drying: Shade for 4 weeks

Harvest period: July 2020

Lot size: 600 kg

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