Sumatra Raja Toba Garden

Sumatra Raja Toba Garden



Indonesia is a huge island that is made up of more than 18,000 islands. Sumatra is one of these, and one of the few Indonesian islands that has coffee production (also the largest). This coffee is grown around Lake Toba, Indonesia's largest natural lake. The lake is 100 km long, 30 km wide and up to 500 meters deep.


At over 1000 meters in height lies the village of Sipangan Bolon, at the northern part of the lake, around the Bukit Barisan mountain range. Within the cooperative, coffee growers are assisted with various agricultural techniques, so that the recycling is maximized and the impact on the environment is minimal. Raja Toba is a classic Sumatra coffee, it has the characteristic rich flavor with typically spicy tones.


Location: Lake Toba, Sumatra

Quality: Grade 1

Type: Red Caturra & S-Lini (S-794)

Altitude: 1100 - 1280 meters

Cultivation: Family farming

Processing: Dry method

Drying: Sun

Harvest period: September - May

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