Timemore - Coffee Grinder Black Chestnut Wood

Timemore - Coffee Grinder Black Chestnut Wood


This grinder from Timemore not only comes fantastically packaged but it delivers very good results, time after time.

Inside this impressive black box you will find the unique hand mill. From the moment you pick up this handmade grinder, before you grind your first beans, you will be satisfied. The removable metal handle, its perfectly shaped chestnut body, the weight of it. The mill contains a double ball bearing system that stabilizes the grinding shaft to ensure uneven grinding with conical stainless steel drills. The upper part and the base now have a metal connection to ensure a more secure attachment. To adjust the size of the grinding degree, just turn the knob. Made of a piece of aluminum, this grinder won a RedDot design award 2017.

There are now several different mills to choose from in the Timemore series. A wood-based chestnut, transparent chestnut or screw on a base with the Nano and Slim grinders. This Chestnut version has the walnut wood base and a slightly square aluminum body that helps maintain a good grip for a stable grinding.

This grinder is best for coarser grinding, ie for hand brewing "pour-over", siphon and coffee press, but with a little extra effort you can also use it for espresso. If you really want a nice grind or that like Turkish coffee, contact us for a price for the Chestnut G1S, which has Italian titanium drills.


  • Hardened stainless steel pipes HRC58
  • Can grind about 30g beans
  • Aluminum body
  • Wooden knob on handle secured by a magnet
  • Walnut wood base with metal joint and magnetic bracket
  • Dot click adjustment to easily resize the grind
  • Comes with a storage bag

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