Finca La Tierra is our own 10 hectare coffee farm in Cauca, Colombia. We bought a pretty worn down farm in early 2017 because it happened to be for sale, the location was good and the size not too over-whelming. And because we were and are really eager to learn about coffee farming for real. Johan has travelled the coffee world, walked more steps on coffee farms than most people, but this is something completely different, this is hard work and full commitment. 


Our aim with Finca La Tierra is to to learn about growing coffee and to see how far we can develop a conventional farm that grows commercial varieties - colombia, castillo, supremo - and uses full sun exposure to the coffee trees and conventional fertilizing, to a sustainable speciality coffee farm. We have at the moment started to plant shade trees, brought in manure and other more natural ways of fertilizing, and also planted other varieties - bourbon, striped caturra, tabi,.


We have also made a variety garden where we have planted 15 different varieties so far - different Geishas, Pacamara, several strains of bourbon, maracaturra - so we can in the future cup these coffees and see what will taste best in the cup and would work on the farm. 


Our aim is tell the story of Finca La Tierra, our hard work in turning it into a speciality coffee farm. We want to share everything, all its unglamorous downs and all its glorious ups.


Already today we sell our blend of castillo and supremo from the farm. It is a good solid specialty coffee that is bright and sweet. So it is a good signal that this farm in the future can produce some stellar coffees.




Finca La Tierra is our own coffee farm in Colombia, which we run together with our friend Heber Sarria. We bought the 10-acre farm in 2015 and have since developed it by planting shade trees, training staff, building dry beds for coffee, bringing in cow manure and other more natural ways of fertilizing, and planting a dozen different coffee varieties - pink bourbon, Caturra, Tabi, etc. The goal is to gradually make the coffee better and the farm completely sustainable. Today, the coffee from La Teirra has a soft fruity character with a nice fullness reminiscent of red berries and cocoa.


Location: Cauca, Colombia 

Quality: Speciality Grade - SHG

Type: Castillo, Supremo, Caturra, Bourbon

Altitude: 1740 meter

Cultivation: Shade & Sun

Processing: Washed

Drying: Sun

Harvest period: Main harvest Maj-Juni

Size: 10 acres, 6 acre coffee.